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The history of “Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic” National university starts in November of 1900 when a mechanical technical vocational college was established in the town of Alexandrovsk (now Zaporozhye). From that time it was changing its name and in 2001 became a National.

NU “Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic” today consists of:

  • 6 institutes, 12 departments;
  • 60 chairs (including the military training department);
  • more than 13 thousand of students including 8 thousand full-time students;
  • bachelors, specialists (engineers) and masters are trained in 51 specialities;
  • 9 teaching and laboratory buildings with the newest equipment;
  • 4 hostels for 2200 students, 1 family type hostel;
  • a library counting over 1 million copies and numerous online resources;
  • developed Internet infrastructures;
  • a sanatorium facility, a medical center, - health and recreation centers on the Dnieper River and the Azov Sea;
  • sports and nutrition facilities;
  • robust administrative services.

Over 110 years our university has been graduating thousands of professionals many of whom became leaders in the respective branches of Ukrainian industry.

The educational process is provided by 830 lecturers including 600 lecturers with science degrees and science rank. 29 persons have honored ranks of distinguished scientists and education workers, including State award laureates.

NU “Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic” consists of several organization departments:

  • Berdyansk Machine Building College;
  • Zaporizhzhya Electrotechnical College;
  • Zaporizhzhya Radioelectronics College;
  • Zaporizhzhya Humanities College;
  • Tokmak mechanical technical school.

We have always responded promptly to the changing demands of the businesses. The following priorities should be mentioned when talking about the successful development of the university:

  • providing the industrial regions with high-quality engineers;
  • developing and strengthening of the ties with the industry leaders in Ukraine;
  • continuous updating of the university equipment and facilities;
  • increasing the quality of the education including the improved linguistic training and continuous education option;
  • forming the university graduate as a well-rounded individual and a patriot of the independent Ukraine;
  • developing of the international relations.

Memorable Dates of the University History

November 5 (18), 1900 – first seven-year mechanical technical vocational college in Ukraine was established in the town of Alexandrovsk (now Zaporozhye).

1920 – the mechanical technical vocational college was reorganized in an industrial college with qualifications of the higher education institution.

1930 – Zaporozhye Industrial College became Zaporozhye Agricultural Engineering Institute.

August, 1941 – the Institute was evacuated to Barnaul, Altai Region.

March, 1944 – the Institute re-opened in Zaporozhye after the fascist occupation of the city ended.

1957 – Zaporozhye Agricultural Engineering Institute was re-named Zaporozhye Machineconstruction Institute (ZMI).

1967 – military training department was formed.

1980 – ZMI received the Badge of Honor for the merits in preparation of the high-quality professionals for the country economy and the scientific research.

1994 – ZMI was awarded the highest accreditation level IV. ZMI was re-named Zaporozhye State Technical University (ZSTU).

October-November, 2000 – ZSTU celebrated 100th anniversary.

August 7, 2001 – ZSTU was awarded a status of national institution; ZSTU is re-named Zaporozhye National Technical University.

September 1, 2003 – a memorial to honor D. Podderyogin, the first director of the mechanical technical vocational college (now NU “Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic”), was opened.

March 25, 2005 – at the 8th International Exhibition "Modern Education in Ukraine – 2005" ZNTU was awarded a gold medal and the distinguished title "Leader in Modern Education" for the continuous innovation and development of the education process.

2007 – the management and law institute and the humanities college are established in ZNTU.

2008 – Sergey Belikov, Yuriy Vnukov and Alexander Kachan became State Award Laureates in Science and Technics.

March 2010 – ZNTU receives a Laureate Diploma of social act "Leaders of Ukrainian science and education" and Grand Prix diploma "Leader of High Education of Ukraine" for significant contribution to scientific and educational development of state of Ukraine, development of Education and Science image of Ukraine.

November, 2011 – celebrations of 10th anniversary of ZNTU and Delcam company (Birmingham, Great Britain) cooperation using systems and technologies CAD/CAM.

February, 2013 – the International exhibition "Modern Educational Organization – 2013", (Kiev) ZNTU was awarded with:

  • Grand Prix "Diploma as Leader of Modern Education";
  • CERTIFICATE "For the quality of scientifical publications".