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Approved by staff Conference of the
National University "Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic",
(Protocol No. 1 of 30.08.2019)

I. Preface

The mission of the University is to provide high - quality, affordable modern higher education thanks to the knowledge and experience of teachers, the development of scientific and educational technologies. Train specialists with higher education who are capable of practical implementation of the acquired knowledge in science, production and business. Develop the creative scientific potential of young people, attempts to self-education and self-development of the individual as a vital necessity.

The quintessence of the mission is embedded in the phrase: "To live is to think."

University values:

- intelligence;

- responsibility to society;

- competence;

- ethics;

- tolerance;

- progress.

Vision of the University - a leading, competitive interregional Center for polytechnic education, which is constantly developing, providing high-quality education and training of highly qualified specialists with higher education.

Center for education, science, culture and socially significant activities.

Basic Center for advanced modern training and retraining of engineers and business environment specialists.

The strategic goal of the University's development – to meet the needs of society and the state in modern quality education to improve human capital, quality of life and development of industrial regions of Ukraine.

II. Priority areas of University development

2.1 Creation of an open new educational, research, informational and educational environment for training a new generation of specialists with a wide range of necessary knowledge and competencies.

2.2 In-depth renewal of education based on fundamental and applied scientific research.

2.3 Open external development by creating a variety of online educational communities of the University in order to improve the quality of education and upbringing of students of different educational levels.

2.4 Conducting relevant scientific research, development of continuous polytechnic education.

2.5 Expanding the range of educational services focused on solving the problems of socio-economic development of the region.

2.6 Creation of an avant-garde (advanced) system of advanced training and professional retraining of specialists.

2.7 Development of modern infrastructure of the University's information and telecommunications system in order to ensure equal access to quality education for all residents of the region.

2.8 Integration into the international educational and scientific space, wide development of international relations and high academic mobility to increase the competitiveness of the University and the quality of education.

III. Main objectives of University development

3.1 Study

Objective 1. Formation a contingent of students according to the criterion of high-quality competitive selection when organizing admission to study.

Objective 2. Updating educational programs.

Objective 3. Improving the quality of training.

Objective 4. Creating an environment of diversified professional development of students to successfully support the career of the University graduates.

3.2 Scientific research

Objective 1. Development of fundamental and applied scientific research to ensure high quality of education.

Objective 2. Development of human resources of research and teaching staff of the University.

3.3 Innovation

Objective 1. Development of innovative activities in the organization of the educational process and implementation of scientific research.

Objective 2. Formation of intellectual property of the University in various areas of its activity.

3.4 Activities in the public interest

Objective 1. Development of human capital to improve the quality of life in the industrial regions of Ukraine.

Objective 2. Implementation of socially significant projects for the development of the region.

IV. Target tasks of University development

4.1 Study

4.1.1 Formation of a contingent of students according to the criterion of high-quality competitive selection when organizing admission to study.

Objective 1. Competitive selection of applicants with a high average score of the education document, results of external independent assessment and/or entrance tests.

Objective 2. Organization and holding of regional All- Ukrainian stages of student Olympiads, All-Ukrainian competition of research papers of students-members of the small Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Objective 3. Development of a system of pre-university training aimed at improving the average score of the education document, the results of external independent assessment and/or entrance tests, and early professional orientation of students of general education institutions to the career of an engineer, architect, manager, lawyer, marketer, designer, financier, etc.

Objective 4. Organization of continuous systematic work with talented students focused on technical and business education.

Objective 5. Creating a network of specialized basic schools of the University for working with talented graduates and high-quality competitive selection of applicants.

4.1.2 Updating of educational programs

Objective 1. Development of educational programs of a new type as a means of obtaining the quality of education in the format of competencies.

Objective 2. Continuous updating of educational programs with their focus on the actual needs of innovative, industrial, socio-economic and cultural development of Zaporizhzhia and other regions of Ukraine with the participation of employers, industrialists, top managers, entrepreneurs, university students and graduates working in their chosen specialty, and public organizations.

Objective 3. Development of international educational programs with the participation of recognized European and international universities.

Objective 4. Strengthening the role of employers and public associations in the system of training qualified specialists with the active participation of enterprises representatives in drawing up the content of educational programs and evaluating learning outcomes.

Objective 5. Continuous updating of programs of production and business practices of students, taking into account the real situation in the industrial complex with priority participation of representatives of industry, large, medium and small businesses in the region and students.

Objective 6. Creation of network communities for organizing and conducting industrial and business practices of University students to expand their geography and develop their professional, general cultural and social qualities.

Objective 7. Development of electronic educational and methodological complexes, network e-learning resources of a new generation and control programs to improve the quality of education.

Objective 8. Ensuring the needs of university students to obtain additional education.

Objective 9. Increasing the share of students participating in social, cultural and sports activities of the University.

Objective 10. Development the infrastructure of the University's telecommunications network system, including library modern technical equipment, and expansion of distance, continuous and additional education.

Objective 11. Further development of the University's electronic library.

4.1.3 Improving the quality of training

Objective 1. Improvement and development of the educational, material and technical base of the University to create a new modern educational environment and upbringing.

Objective 2. Development of a system of continuous training of specialists based on the integration of various types of educational institutions.

Objective 3. Improving the system of competitive selection and advanced training of teaching staff.

Objective 4. Implementation of optimization of the structure of the University educational divisions in accordance with new standards of higher education and new tasks of society development.

Objective 5. Systematic implementation of the education quality management policy and creation of education quality guarantee system.

Objective 6. Ensuring the interrelation and mutual influence of various systems (education and production, education and science, science and production) for implementation important changes aimed at improving the quality of education.

Objective 7. Effective interaction of the University with employers and public organizations of university students, with public organizations of the region, top managers of large industrial enterprises, the Alumni Association, timely adjustment of educational programs, production and business practices.

Objective 8. Improving the quality of education based on the expanded use of information and telecommunications technologies for the development of new forms and methods of teaching, including distance education.

Objective 9. Mastering technologies of joint activities of network partners of various types to achieve a common goal - improving the quality of training, education and upbringing.

Objective 10. Organization of effective activities of network educational communities around the University and its individual educational divisions to improve the quality of training, education and upbringing.

Objective 11. Creation and development of Ukrainian and international network communities in order to improve the effectiveness of scientific research and the quality of training.

Objective 12. Attracting foreign teachers and scientists to work and internship at the University.

Objective 13. Increasing the number of international students studying at the University.

4.1.4 Formation of an environment of diverse professional development and education of students, career support system for university graduates.

Objective 1. Improving the quality of diverse education of students at different levels of higher education.

Objective 2. Formation and development of a master's degree program with a high level of quality education.

Objective 3. Creation of programs and conditions for academic mobility of students, postgraduates and faculty of the University.

Objective 4. Creating an innovative environment at the University for the development of students' creative abilities.

Objective 5. Implementation of a set of measures to develop models of mutually beneficial relations between the University and employers, aimed at improving practical training while maintaining a sufficient level of theoretical training of educational applicants through the dual education system.

Objective 6. Meeting the needs of students to study in several professional educational programs, including additional professional educational programs.

Objective 7. Creating conditions for high-quality foreign language training of students.

Objective 8. Improving the employment of university graduates based on modern technologies of personnel management of educational, social and other institutions (seminars, round tables with employers, career fairs, focus group meetings, etc.).

Objective 9. Creating an effective career support system for graduates.

Objective 10. Advertising and information activities for image promotion of successful university graduates. Publication of informational materials, development of interaction with the University Alumni Association.

Objective 11. Creation of programs for participation of successful university graduates in updating educational programs and in scientific research.

Objective 12. Increase the share of successful university graduates after studying for a master's, postgraduate and doctoral degree at the University.

Objective 13. Attracting successful university graduates to implement socially significant projects to solve the problems of socio-economic development of the territories of the Zaporizhzhia region.

4.2 Scientific research.

The strategic goal is to provide a high level of new quality of education with fundamental and relevant applied scientific research in the process of professional and subject training of students.

4.2.1 Development of fundamental and applied scientific research to ensure high quality of education and upbringing.

Objective 1. Integration of educational, scientific and practical activities in the field of continuing and additional education in order to improve the quality of education and upbringing.

Objective 2. Development of fundamental and applied scientific research in current areas in the field of modern continuous engineering and business education.

Objective 3. Improving the level of basic scientific research to ensure high quality of subject training of applicants.

Objective 4. Integration of scientific research of the university into the European Research Area.

Objective 5. Publication of all research results of University scientists in indexed professional scientific periodicals, in particular in international scientometric databases.

Objective 6. Use of international grant resources for the development of scientific activities at the University.

4.2.2 Development of the University's human resources potential

Objective 1. Using the opportunities of the master's program to select talented researchers.

Objective 2. Further development of postgraduate and doctoral studies to develop the University's human resources potential and improve the quality of education and upbringing.

Objective 3. Attracting successful industrialists, managers, engineers, businessmen and entrepreneurs to participate in business-oriented training of students.

Objective 4. Development of programs of scientific cooperation and academic exchange with foreign universities in relevant research areas for the University.

Objective 5. Updating the system of continuous professional development and retraining of research and teaching staff of the University, focused on the priority areas of educational programs and scientific research of the University.

Objective 6. Development of a system of continuous training of teaching staff and administrative and economic personnel in the basics of Information Culture, skills of work in the field of information and telecommunications technologies.

Objective 7. Creation of a modern system of advanced training of research and teaching staff and certification of university employees, aimed at continuous improvement of the quality of education and upbringing, as well as the quality of relevant scientific research.

Objective 8. Creation of a modern information resource on the internet regarding scientific research, educational programs, and teaching technologies implemented at the University to improve the University's rating.

Objective 9. Conducting annual competitions for the best results of scientific research (textbooks, monographs, electronic training manuals, etc.).

4.3 Innovation

The strategic goal is to update educational programs, teaching and upbringing technologies, the effectiveness of scientific research and increase the economic efficiency of the University.

4.3.1 Development of innovation activities.

Objective 1. The university should become a place of increasing knowledge, turning it into innovations that have a positive economic and social effect.

Objective 2. Formation of a new management environment for independent development at the university based on the new status of a budget institution and modern intellectual entrepreneurship.

Objective 3. Creation of a system for training research and teaching staff, employees, postgraduates and students of the University in the field of project, innovation and innovative entrepreneurship, the ability to form and protect intellectual property based on the available results of scientific research and educational practice.

Objective 4. Resource and financial support of effective innovation activities.

Objective 5. Creation of small businesses, commercialization of research results and educational programs.

Objective 6. Development, use and dissemination of new technologies of teaching and education.

Objective 7. Development of modern publishing activities and promotion of educational and methodological manuals, books on topical issues of education and upbringing to the mass market of printed products in the field of education.

4.3.2 Formation of intellectual property of the University in various areas of its activity.

Objective 1. Formation of the University's intellectual property bank.

Objective 2. Creation of a system for increasing the intellectual property of the University and protecting copyright, and accumulating all publications of the university staff in its electronic library.

Objective 3. Study and implementation of positive foreign innovative experience in the field of education.

Objective 4. Creation of a system of scientific and practical conferences, seminars, round tables, methodological meetings that promote the exchange of positive results of modernization and innovative development of higher education.

Objective 5. Training of University teachers in innovation skills, fundamentals of innovative economy and entrepreneurship.

Objective 6. Creation of a system and mechanisms for using the University's intellectual property for its development.

Objective 7. Development of a system of continuous improvement of the quality of training of scientific and pedagogical, pedagogical workers, employees, postgraduates and students of the University in the field of information culture, information literacy and competence on the basis of the scientific library of the University.

Objective 8. Creating targeted network clusters to promote innovative University products to the educational services market.

Objective 9. Increasing the share of extra-budgetary funding of the University from innovative and educational activities in order to increase its financial stability.

4.4 Activities in the public interest.

The strategic goal is to involve the University in the socio-economic development of the region.

4.4.1 Development of human capital of residents of Zaporizhzhia region.

Objective 1. Socially oriented educational activities for different targeted groups of the population.

Objective 2. Meeting the needs of residents of the region in obtaining various forms of continuing and additional education in an accessible form.

Objective 3. Preparation of proposals, expert opinions, and draft laws aimed at improving the quality of life in the region for executive and legislative authorities.

Objective 4. Participation in the formation of a new engineering, scientific, cultural and business elite of the region capable of modernizing society and innovative activities.

Objective 5. Preserving and multiplying the cultural traditions of the territorial community of the region, developing the traditions of tolerance and cultural development of the region, patriotism, promoting the development of a culture of communication in the state language.

4.4.2 Implementation of socially significant regional development projects.

Objective 1. Monitoring of socially significant problems of the Zaporizhzhia region to form the directions of socially significant projects.

Objective 2. Involvement of the research and teaching staff, employees, postgraduates and students of the University in solving specific topical, socially significant problems of the region's territories.

Objective 3. Interaction of the University with the authorities and public organizations of the region in solving specific socially significant problems.

Objective 4. Increasing the business and social activity of the region's population by forming innovative training programs for key address groups in modern management and leadership technologies.

Objective 5. Development of a socially significant mass volunteer movement at the University. Training of heads of volunteer groups and government employees.

Objective 6. Expanding the creative space of volunteer organizations and groups of students, postgraduates and research and teaching staff of the University.

Objective 7. Preparation of leaders of youth and public organizations for innovative project activities in crisis situations and actual socially significant problems.

4.5 International Cooperation

The strategic goal is to transform NU "Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic" into an international institution of higher education with high standards of quality of education and science, joining the group of leading polytechnic universities in the world.

Objective 1. Conclusion of cooperation agreements, establishment of direct relations with institutions of higher education, scientific institutions and enterprises of foreign countries, international organizations, foundations, etc.

Objective 2. Expansion of international educational, scientific and technical, innovative and foreign economic activities.

Objective 3. Participation of institutes, faculties, educational and scientific institutes, departments, centers and other divisions of NU "Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic" in international educational and scientific programs and projects.

Objective 4. Joining the Great Charter of Universities (Magna Charta Universitatum).

Objective 5. Strengthening international relations through active participation of the National University "Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic" in the events of the Black Sea Universities Network (BSUN).

Objective 6. Preparation and submission of applications for grants of the ERASMUS + program on academic mobility (KA1) and cooperation projects (KA2).

Objective 7. Coordination, control and support of international grants, programs, international contracts for the implementation of research and educational and organizational projects (SIDECS).

Objective 8. Development of relations with domestic and foreign institutions of polytechnic higher education in cooperation with leading commercial IT companies (Autodesk).

Objective 9. Expanding opportunities for personal development of students, student international worldview, ability to work in different cultural conditions by supporting and coordinating the student public organization BEST.

V. Key parameters that will confirm the achievement of Strategic Development Goals:

- number of applicants for higher education;

- employment and career success of graduates;

- indicators of the quality of scientific work (the amount of funding for conducting scientific work and research);

- number of publications in scientometric databases and citation index;

- quality of personnel of scientific and pedagogical, teaching staff and employees;

- number and scope of completed projects;

- indicators of economic efficiency and financial well-being;

- international activities in indicators of national and international rating assessment.

- material and technical support of the educational process.

VI. The main mechanisms that are used for the development of the University:

- creative (creativity);

- communicative (leadership);

- innovative (science);

- institutional;

- financial (resources).

VII. The main tools used at the University to assess the quality of activities:

- annual rating of teachers and departments;

- monitoring of quality indicators and absolute success during current controls, attestations, and the results of the annual knowledge assessment of applicants for higher education;

- assessment of educational and scientific activities of the University;

- anonymous survey of students.