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1. Admission to study at NU “Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic” of foreigners and stateless persons are carried out according to the Ukrainian Law on “Higher Education”, “On foreigners and stateless persons legal status”, ”On foreign Ukrainians”, “On refugees and persons who need additional or temporary protection”, Cabinet of Ministry order of 12th of September 2018 № 729 “Questions of higher education obtaining by some categories of persons, by the order of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine of 1-st of November 2013 № 1541 “Some questions of admission to study (internship) foreigners and stateless persons” ,registered at Ukrainian Ministry of Justice at 25 of November 2013 №2004/24536, by the order of Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science of December,02 2019 № 1498 “On adoption of the right of education establishing quotas for foreigners and stateless persons within State order according to international agreements of Ukraine”, registered at Ukrainian Ministry of Justice at Ukrainian Ministry of Justice on February,10, 2020 № 153/34436.

Ukrainian and Belarus citizens who do not have temporary or permanent resident card are admitted to study only by individual permission of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

2. Foreigners and stateless persons (further foreigners) can get higher education at the expense of physical persons and/or entity, if anything else is not provided by Ukrainian international agreements with obligatory consent of Supreme Council of Ukraine legislation and agreements between higher education institutions on international academic mobility.

Admission of foreigners to the National University “Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic” to study at the expense of funds of state budget provides within quotas for foreigners, (except foreigners and stateless persons permanently leaving in Ukraine”, refugees and persons who need additional protection).

Admission to study foreigners at bachelor, master and PHD level is provided at accredited educational programs. Also, NU “Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic” can admit foreigners to post-graduate study, doctoral studies, preparatory department for state language learning and/or language of study and internship.

3. Admission of foreigners can be provided either intramural or extramural.

The validity of invitation to study is no more than one year from the date of its registration in Automated system “Electronic Register” authorized by Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science state institution.

Extramural admission is possible for foreigners obtained invitation to study, which is registered in Automated system “Electronic Register” authorized by Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science state institution, got the complex of informational and consulting support and received entrance Ukrainian visa for study.

For extramural foreign citizens enrollment to NU “Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic” concludes partner agreements with country of origin of enrollee organizations (Appendix 6). Scroll of partner organizations can be modified. The subject of agreement are: providing distance services in personal identification, original enrollee documents verification, application form electronic reception, room and technical support for consultation and entrance examinations at NU “Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic” providing.

Conclusion of university agreements with organizations are possible if they meet the following conditions:

Area must correspond the conditions of extramural papers submitting, consultation and entrance examinations with quarantine restrictions in the country of enrollment;

To provide enrollee with means of individual protection;

To provide the procedure of enrollee identification using the technology of face recognition including personal data checking (first name, family name) biometrical data and its verification by official (state)database;

To ensure the measures of integrity control during the entrance examination;

To provide the place for gadgets storage during the entrance examination;

To provide area with the cellular end internet jamming device;

To ensure CCTV along the room perimeter where the entrance examination for foreigners are held by means no less than two video cameras;

To provide technical equipment for real time video communication with admission commission to NU “Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic” (computer, video camera, microphone, TV or screen projector);

No less than two officers should be present in the room for requirements of academic integrity control and technical maintenance during entrance examination;

To provide all enrollee with individual computers with connection to on-line platform of enroll institution;

To provide consultations conducting and workouts before the entrance examination for foreigners aimed at the acquaintance with extramural examination regulations using on-line platforms;

To ensure video recording of entrance examination, video material transfer to NU “Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic” using on-line platform, storage of informational and video materials of entrance examination for foreigners within five years in the partner organization.

4. Enrollment of the international students funding by physical persons and/or entity to NU “Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic” can be provided:

1) Three times a year before and in the beginning of the semesters ( but no later than 1stof August,30th of November and 1st of March)for bachelor and master levels;

2) During a year for post-graduate study;

NU “Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic” awards points/marks on the basis of previous student’s educational level. Minimum points for international students are 100.

International students admission for corresponding educational level is provided according to results of entrance examinations in definite subjects and language of instruction as scheduled in present Regulations Chapter YII, concerning entrance examination for international students ,based on academic rights to continuation of study documentary approved the level of education in the native country and taking into account academic scores, which give the right to continue study at the next educational level according to legislation of the country which issued the educational document.

5. All international students are enroll to NU “Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic” on the grounds of enroll orders. Confirmation of the fact of study can be the reference in USEBE.

6. To be admitted to NU “Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic” an international student apply to International department and work with foreign students the application form.

In addition international student presents:

1) Original educational document, on the basis of which the enrollment is held (the original and the copy);

2) Supplement (the original and the copy)to the educational document, on the basis of which the enrollment is held;

3) Original and copy of the document, containing the context of educational program of previous level of higher education, credits, duration of study and academic achievements (if this information is not presented in the supplement) for master level if the absence of such information makes qualification verification impossible;

4) Copy of passport or identity document of stateless person.

5) Health insurance policy;

6) 4 photos 30x40 mm;

7) The copy of abroad Ukrainian certificate(if available) ;

8) Research proposition in major or assured at candidate place of work/study. list of published treatises and investigations in Ukrainian or English additionally applied to post graduate study.

To doctoral study such documents are applied in Ukrainian or English:

thematic plan of dissertation work for scientific PhD level obtaining;

copy of the Diploma of corresponding scientific level;

Documents appointed in subparagraph 1-4 of this paragraph should be translated into Ukrainian and notarized.

Documents appointed in subparagraph 1-4 of this paragraph should be certified in the country of issue in the way, adopted in that country and legalized by correspondent foreign institution of Ukraine.

Application form and documents appointed in this paragraph are kept in students personal file.

For the first entrance stream the dates of acceptance of applications and documents, entrance examination for international students are provided according to requirements of Chapter V of this Regulations for bachelor and master levels, but not later than 30th of November.

Acceptance of applications and documents dates, entrance examination for international students of second and third streams are provided by the decision of Accepting Commission but not later than 1st of August,30th of November and 1st of March.

7.International students whom the state scholarships are provided according to the international agreements, general state programs and others international obligations of Ukraine, admitted to study within established quotas for international students based on directing papers of Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science.

8. International students coming to Ukraine within the academic mobility programs or within agreements between Ukrainian and foreign educational institutions admitted to study according to contractual obligations of NU “Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic”.

9. Foreigners and stateless persons, in particular foreign Ukrainians, permanently living in Ukraine, refugees and persons who need additional protection have the right to obtain the higher education as citizens of Ukraine, in particular on funds of state or local budget.

Foreign Ukrainians with foreign Ukrainian certificates (except persons permanently living in Ukraine) can be admitted to study within the state order quotas for foreigners after being interviewed in subjects specified in Regulations.


International students are provided with place in students campus.