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Given the increasing role of mathematical disciplines in the educational process and scientific research, Applied Mathematics Department was created in 2002 on the basis of division Computational Mathematics Department. Associate Professor Y. V. Mastynovskiy was appointed as the Head of Department.

Today, the Department has: a Full Professor, nine Associate Professors and Docents, a Senior Lecturer, a Postgraduate and three Senior Assistants.

The Applied Mathematics Department provides teaching mathematical disciplines for the day-time and correspondence students of Information and Radio Electronics Institute as well as Economics and Humanities Institute. Due to the efforts of Department the corresponding software and methodological support for all taught courses of studies are provided. Besides core mathematical subjects new special courses on economic mathematical modeling of international economic relations, on mathematical models and methods in economics, on operations analysis are developed. Altogether more that ten disciplines and special courses are given.

Much attention is paid to work with the new addition. Department works on training courses, provides organization and conducts of entrance examinations.

The fact that the majority of the teaching staff are specializing in applied mathematics and mathematical modeling stipulates rather diverse spectrum of scientific interests at the Applied Mathematics Department. Main scientific developments are dealing with fundamental and applied methods for mechanics of continua, application of mathematical methods in economics as well as development of numeric experiments procedures.

Research work is performed on the basis of government-financed and self-sustained projects, as well as by means of initiatory individual and collaborative developments.

There is a post-graduate course for specialty 01.02.04 - Deformable Solid Mechanics at the Department.

The teaching staff of the Department participates in scientific research of other Departments ensuring high level of analytical and numerical methods application.

Every year under the guidance of the members of the Department up to a dozen students deliver their reports at scientific students’ conferences.

The members of the Department take part in scientific conferences and seminars. The Department fulfils eager publishing activities as well.